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    Affordable custom flashlights

    We build flashlights and lasers to suit your needs at an affordable price while not skimming on quality.

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    build with passion.

    Every flashlight or laser is build with passion as it would be build for ourselves.

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    Custom user modes

    We are able to program your flashlight with diffrent modes to make it yours and personal. Want a disco mode? Even spaced lighting levels? Turbo mode with off timer? You name it we can program it!

About Tlumen

What started out as a hobby turned into a real passion. The passion for light started when as a 14yo guy i made my first custom laser from an old DVD burner. The step from lasers to flashlights was a logical and fast step.

Why Us


We always opt to use the latest in LED and Laser technologies

Best price

Our goal is not to make big profits but to show that great flashlights dont have to be expensive


want a light build specifically to your needs? we can deliver that


Do you have a problem with your light or need info? we gladly help


All sales are done by contacting the facebookpage
  • Convoy C8

    Starting at:$22

    Great camping light. Can be set up as a medium to long range thrower. >700lm

  • Convoy S2+

    Starting at:$20

    Small EDC light. This is a floodlight. can be confured with tripple LED's for a real pocketrocket. >500lm

  • Nitecore Tube

    Starting at:$10

    Small keychain light. USB-rechargable. Tlumen provides a Tube TL version. This version has an output of 75lm instead of the standard 45lm

  • Specific request?

    Starting at:$0

    Can't you find what you need? Contact us! We are more then happy to help you with your flashlight/laser needs!